In Islam, marriage is a sacred bond between husband and wife, and both partners have rights and responsibilities towards each other. Here are 12 rights of a Muslim wife upon her husband according to Islamic teachings:

  1. Financial Support: It is the husband’s responsibility to provide for the financial needs of his wife, including food, clothing, and shelter, according to his means and ability.
  2. Kind Treatment: The husband is obligated to treat his wife with kindness, compassion, and respect at all times, as taught by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
  3. Physical and Emotional Care: The husband should ensure the physical and emotional well-being of his wife, offering comfort, support, and protection.
  4. Mutual Consultation: Islam encourages mutual consultation and decision-making between spouses. The husband should consult his wife and consider her opinions and preferences in family matters.
  5. Privacy and Modesty: The husband should respect his wife’s privacy and dignity, refraining from disclosing her private matters to others and protecting her modesty.
  6. Educational and Religious Rights: The husband should support his wife’s pursuit of education and religious knowledge, enabling her to grow intellectually and spiritually.
  7. Freedom from Abuse: The husband is prohibited from physically or emotionally abusing his wife. Islam condemns all forms of violence and oppression within marriage.
  8. Satisfaction of Marital Intimacy: The husband should fulfill his wife’s sexual needs and desires within the bounds of Islam, treating her with love, tenderness, and respect in intimate relations.
  9. Maintenance of Family Ties: The husband should facilitate and encourage his wife’s relationships with her family members, recognizing the importance of maintaining family ties.
  10. Fair and Equal Treatment: The husband should treat all his wives (if he has more than one) with fairness, justice, and equality, as prescribed by Islamic law.
  11. Encouragement and Support: The husband should encourage and support his wife in her personal and spiritual growth, helping her to fulfill her potential and aspirations.
  12. Protection of Rights and Dignity: The husband should protect his wife’s rights and honor, defending her against any injustice, slander, or harm from others.

It is important to note that these rights are reciprocal, and husbands also have rights that should be upheld by their wives. Islam emphasizes the importance of mutual respect, love, and cooperation between spouses in building a strong and harmonious marital relationship.

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